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Licensed Since 1979

I've been successfully performing charity auctions for over 40 years.
Recently I've taken the time to add the BAS designation from the NAA.

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Every auctioneer you contact better tell you they are the best, most highly qualified person in the profession. Being a successful auctioneer requires that kind of mindset. Now that I've established every auctioneer is the best thing since sliced bread, lets take a closer look at the loaf. Before most charity auctioneers were even licensed I was raising 6 figures in Live Auction Galas.

Who has testimonial letters dating to over 30 years ago?

March 7, 1991

Dear Doug:

You're too much!! In a flat economy, with a war just concluding, in the middle of an Ohio winter, you led a group of semi-willing participants to bid a record-breaking $100,000.00 for the betterment of Miami Valley School. I would like to thank you for your diligence and extraordinary talent in your role as auctioneer.


Robt. F. Chelle
Board of Trustees 1990-91

May 20,1988

Dear Doug:

You have to be the best auctioneer in the area, no, in the state, how about the world? What auctioneer gets 95% of the value of his items? You were a tremendous success and so was our "Scrub, Grub and Grab" fundraiser. We raised $64,070.00 for our Regional Cancer Center, and we want to say a very big THANK YOU !


Sue S. Kemper
St Elizabeth Medical Foundation

I've been learning my craft for decades and gaining new clientele by word of mouth from satisfied organizations. I have a pedigree for this profession as well. My grandfather started the Sorrell family in the auction profession in the 1930's. My dad was an auctioneer as well and in late 1978 decided it was time for me to follow in their footsteps.

Doug Sorrell Three Generations

I may be new to the internet, but not to the Benefit Auction niche. Make no mistake, being a successful Benefit/Charity auctioneer demands special skills.

Its easy to talk the talk. Its a little tougher to walk the walk. Can you do better ? Am I worth a call or an e-mail ?

With an uncertain economy and the media telling us daily about how tough times are, your job of raising much needed funds has become more difficult. Who are you going to rely on to raise those funds when your gala occurs?

Over a decade ago I earned the Benefit Auction Specialists (BAS) designation from the National Auctioneers Association. Only 108 for the entire North American continent. These men and women have proven their expertise with fund raising events. I was one of the first 40. You and your committee spend countless hours planning your event, creating a timetable and agenda, finding fabulous, exciting items and securing guests.

Every week people ask me "is it possible for our event to raise the kind of significant money we read about being raised in other events?"


The 1960's "Alfie" song had a line that is very apropos to this situation. "Here is something to believe in that even non believers can believe in."

In mid summer 2011 a small committee at Spring Valley Academy undertook creating an annual gala event. This committee met 6-8 times per year, never exceeded 10-12 attendees.

In March 2012 they had 170 attendees, raised $98K and outgrew the facility. In 2013 they raised $165K, drew 225 guests and outgrew the facility. A Circus theme was used.

Last year with a Wizard of Oz theme and 270 guests the committee raised $230K.

On Sunday, March 8, 2017 we embraced a Mary Poppins theme, attracted 340 guests and raised $335K. Each year this event has raised similar sums.

This event has now generated $1+ Million that has been invested in an All Purpose Chapel/Auditorium on Campus.

This event started from zero. This is possible and I have other committees duplicating this kind of success.

You can also.

Doug Sorrell