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Photos - Buster Douglas, Color of Energy Art Gallery

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Friday, July 22nd, Color of Energy Art Gallery, Dayton's Oregon District - Renowned national artist Mike Elsass and acclaimed DDN award winning sports columnist Tom Archdeacon hosted former Heavyweight Boxing Champion James "Buster" Douglas as part of their Punchers & Painters summer series. For the uninformed, "Buster" busted Mike Tyson in February, 1990 in Tokyo, Japan in what ESPN has proclaimed the #2 Biggest Upset in Sports History to become the Heavyweight Champion of the World. I conducted a short Live auction of signed Buster items with the proceeds split between two foundations. In my career I have now done auctions with former Heavyweight Champions Floyd Patterson, Muhammad Ali and James "Buster" Douglas. In the ring, these men are dangerous person, I've found them all to be quiet, accomodating to the public & gracious.